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Dating In Ethiopia

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Ethiopian women are some of the most beautiful women in Africa and the world. They are both respectful and hard working. Ethiopian men are rather protective, adore their women top bits.

Most people in the Ethiopian society respect culture above all, as such, it tends to have an influence over the dating scene.

Dating in Ethiopia happen in several ways. Thanks to advancements in technology it can be done through the social media. This includes sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. It can also be done offline by meeting on the streets, click and then go out on a formal date.

All in all there are more traditional ways in which both partners of different sex are introduced to each other by family members or close friends and latter on strike it off together and go on a date.

For those choosing the easy way and don’t want undergo the hustle of soul searching, there are websites which specialize in the art of searching for these couples who form a perfect or near perfect match.

In the case of the latter, the procedure is rather simple; it’s actually a breeze. All you need to do is to visit such an agency either online or paying them a personal visit. While there, you get to fill up a form containing your name, contact information, what you are looking for in a mate and your personal information.

Among some of the top dating sites in Ethiopia includes; Ethiopian personal, Ethiolove, Loverplace, Menagna, Metrodate, Habeshtoday, ethioheart,, and ethiospot. In order to ensure that these sites are secure there are rules and regulations to govern the set up and management of such.

In order to provide a conducive environment for bonding and getting to know each other better, there are numerous activities for new lovebirds to engage in. All this varies and depends on factors such as the religion, the age group, cash, tribe, location and many more others.

Clubbing has proven to be a favorite among those below 25 years. While those slightly older than that option to go to mellow and a bit secluded places for that intimate feeling.

Places for a romantic hide out include the Blue Nile gorge, Lake Tana and Blue Nile Falls, Gondar, Falasha Village, Axum, Debere Dama, Laibela, Adewa among others.

While dating, it’s traditional that the couple introduce each other to the others family for introduction. Conventionally, the couples are expected to respect law in the sense that they are expected to carry themselves with respect. To display proper manners while out together, that means no indecent actions i.e. cuddling in public.

For those having contracted H.I.V and AIDS are not shunned away from the dating scene. They enjoy the same attention as other H.I.V free people, they are not discriminated against. This is achieved by setting up especially dedicated sites for those seeking companions of the same status.

Also with the fact that discrimination against infected people is a rare occasion, more and more people are coming out with the fact that they are positive.

Ethiopia’s religious field has been divided into two major blocks i.e. Muslims and Christians. For those practicing Islam, they have to abide as per the code and conduct within the Koran. That means that the ladies have to cover their heads, legs and hands while outside.

When it’s all said and done, everything is not that smooth every time. Due to the fact that there is a difference in personality and religion their might at times arises that fundamental difference in view and belief. In some instances intermarriages are not allowed. Dating amongst Christians and Muslims is not something that happens often.

Others drift away due to factors such as social class and academic qualification. This does not mean that most of the love birds within the country do not enjoy each other’s company. All you need to do is to follow some simple unwritten rules and regulations governing the dating scene.

With a bit of charm, good luck and determination; you may be able to find that Mr. or Mrs. right. That dream man or woman you have been dreaming of tying the knot with.

What is your experience of dating in Ethiopia?